Universal lesion detection, tagging,and segmentation by MULAN   GitHub

MULAN result Abstract Multitask Universal Lesion Analysis Network (MULAN) + trained model
Environment python, PyTorch
Discription MULAN is a CNN for joint detection, tagging, and segmentation of a variety of lesions in CT images.

Universal lesion classification and retrieval by LesaNet   GitHub

LesaNet result Abstract Lesion Annotation Network (LesaNet) + lesion labels in DeepLesion
Environment python, PyTorch
Discription LesaNet is a CNN for universal lesion classification and retrieval in diverse CT images.

Universal lesion detection by 3DCE   GitHub

3D context enhanced region-based CNN for lesion detection lesion detection examples Abstract 3D Context Enhanced Region-based Convolutional Neural Network (3DCE)
Environment python, MXNet
Discription 3DCE is an object detection framework which makes use of the 3D context in volumetric image data (and maybe video data) efficiently.

Self-supervised body part regressor (SSBR)   GitHub

SSBR framework Abstract Self-supervised body part regressor (SSBR)
Environment python, caffe
Discription Predicts a continuous score for an axial slice in a computed tomography (CT) scan which indicates its relative z position in the body.

YAN-PRTools   Details

YAN-PRTools Abstract Yet ANother pattern recognition toolbox
Environment Matlab
Discription ~40 common pattern recognition algorithms including feature processing, classification, regression, feature selection, and sample selection.

Domain adaptation toolbox   Details

DA Toolbox Abstract A domain adaptation matlab toolbox
Environment Matlab
Discription Wrappers and implementations of several domain adaptation / transfer learning / semi-supervised learning algorithms.

FaceRecog   GitHub   Google code

recog_UI Abstract Face Recognition demo in Windows
Environment MFC + OpenCV
Discription The demo can detect faces from webcam or pictures, then identify it according to the enrolled database. It allows you to train your own classfier using your own pictures, as well as save or load your classifiers or face databases.

GestureDetect   GitHub

recog_UI Abstract Gesture detection demo
Environment Kinect + Unity3D + C#
Discription The demo detects gestures and trains user-defined gesture templates. It uses a template matching algorithm.